Laser Pediatric Treatment

At Growing Smiles, we’re excited to provide cutting-edge dental techniques to the North Carolina, community. Our friendly team is trained in the latest laser pediatric treatments, which provide better, quicker results with less discomfort than ever. We would love to be able to put this technology to work to help your child, and invite you to give us a call or go online to schedule an appointment today!

What Is BIOLASE® Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is an exciting new approach to dental work that uses lasers in place of a physical tool to perform dental work. We’re excited to offer the Waterlase system from BIOLASE, which uses a combination of water and lasers to do many routine or complex dental procedures more quickly, effectively, and safely than when using an old-fashioned technique. Not only do lasers help us work more accurately, but they also reduce your child’s discomfort and promote their safety with a faster healing time after the procedure is done.

What Is Tongue-Tie Or Lip-Tie Therapy?

Sometimes, a child is born with an unusually short or tight frenulum, the connective tissue in the mouth. This can restrict their ability to move their tongue or lower lip, creating a condition called tongue- or lip-tie, and can make it difficult for your child to nurse, speak, or otherwise use their mouth.

Fortunately, we can perform a safe, simple procedure to correct tongue- or lip-tie and restore a full range of motion. Our Waterlase system allows us to do this more quickly and effectively than ever before and can have life-changing benefits. We can even perform tongue-tie corrections for infants, to get things back on the right track right away.

A Safe, Comfortable Place For Your Child

We’re excited to create a friendly, child-centered space for you and your child. Our exam rooms feature murals with lots of fun, bright colors, and we offer iPads and television to keep your child entertained. Give us a call today or go online to schedule an appointment!

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